Rebuilding the Elsir Vale

Year 1, Month 1

Year 1, Month 1

First month of Spring

The founding of the Barony of Westvale starts with the “Improvement Phase”.

  • Step 1 – Select Leadership
    If you are satisfied with the current organization of who holds which position, skip this step. If you want to change roles, now is the time.
  • Step 2 – Claim Hexes
    Decide which hex you want to be the first claimed hex of your kingdom. The GM humbly suggests hex 11.09, the site of Drellin’s Ferry. See the map page for the current map of the Vale. Note that a hex must be fully explored and cleared of potential hazards before you claim it as part of your kingdom – this won’t be a problem with 11.09, but it’s something to consider for the future. Also note that claiming a hex costs 1 Build Point (or 1 BP). Thanks to your starting resources (including cash, materials, and human(oid) resources) you’re starting with a treasury of 50 BP. To see the current status of your treasury, check your kingdom’s stat block.
  • Step 3 – Establish and Improve Cities
    You may start a city and build a building there. See the list of buildings for more info.
  • Step 4 – Build Roads
    You may build a road through your hex if you wish. This costs 1 BP in plains, 2 BP in forests, and 4 BP in mountains or swamps. Building over a river doubles this cost. The map shows many hexes as containing roads already. This is the Dawn Way, and old dwarven road. Much of it is still intact, but some sections may need to be repaired before they grant benefits. In the case of hex 11.09, the road itself is intact, but rebuilding the bridge at Drellin’s Ferry will be very costly, since it was actually destroyed over 100 years ago, so you will still pay full price for that improvement.
  • Step 5 – Establish Farmlands
    You can designate a hex that contains a road as farmland – this costs 2 BP for grassland or 4 BP for hills, and decreases your monthly Consumption by 2 BP. However, you can’t build cities in farmlands, so I suggest skipping this for the first month.
  • Step 6 – Pick Edicts
    You need to set the levels for three types of edict: Promotion, Taxation, and Festivals per Year.
    • Promotion edict can be set at None, Token, Standard, Aggressive, or Expansionist, and gives a bonus to Stability ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for an increase in monthly Consumption. Note – you are currently without a Grand Diplomat, so your Promotion level is stuck at None.
    • Taxation edict can be set at None, Light, Normal, Heavy, or Overwhelming, and provides a bonus to Economy ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for a penalty to Loyalty.
    • Festival edict can be set at None, 1, 6, 12, or 24, and gives a bonus to Loyalty ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for an increase in monthly Consumption. Note that even though Festivals are measured per year, your citizens still expect, look forward to, and prepare for them year round, so they affect your statistics on a monthly basis. It might be more accurately described as the “Festivals Promised per Year” edict.

Once you’ve finished making decisions on this phase, we’ll move on to the next.


Wulfron Burgundy: “I heartily throw my support to my dear friend Kou Garr as the Baron. He’s fierce, savvy, not too sentimental, and he has a great looking cat that will surely impress our rebuilding settlers. “I think the obvious choice for rebuilding is the site of Drellin’s Ferry. It has a road. Roads are good. Also, Dad and his buds know the area well. Even though they couldn’t save it from destruction. [cough] “I support setting Normal Taxation levels, because people will surely understand that we need to rebuild and we need resources to do so. The taxes are for their own good. “I would be in favor of six festivals per year. I think that is sufficient to keep the populace happy, and gives us a chance to make them BIGGER and BETTER than if they were every month or twice a month. I think festivals are important. People NEED to party. “I don’t know that we can “promote” yet at all… we’re ashes. We don’t have anything for people to consume. Let’s face it, Dad and Meepo are charismatic figure heads. They’ve never RUN a city.”

Year 1, Month 1

Wulfron Burgundy: “Damnation. I didn’t realize none of my hard returns would come through. Please ignore all the extra ” signs. Oh, and stay classy, Elsir Vale.”

Year 1, Month 1

Wulfric von Dier: “I believe it makes sense to begin our rehabilitation in the Drellin’s Ferry settlement. I should very much like to advocate rebuilding the historical bridge but I understand this may take some time. Our first course of action must be to interact with our followers/settlers and find out THEIR top priorities. Do they want farms first? I understand it is a difficult undertaking, but will this tie them closer to the land? A top priority should be repairing the Dawn Way. In order for people and goods to move smoothly, we must keep our main thoroughfare in good repair. People need to see we care about their well being and ease of livelihood. I suggest taxation be set at none to light. People are struggling and destitute. We cannot ask of them at this time. We will talk to them and establish an edict noting that we may need to build toward a higher taxation rate, as more services are needed. But they must SEE the services clearly, that they are paying for. I think a promotion rate of average is worth investigating. I believe we can build faster and stronger if we send a peaceful message at large to the surrounding areas that we want to form alliances and work together to reestablish peace and good living. I would support more festivals per year, as I believe people need to come together to commit to being a community. Twelve is a good number allowing people to celebrate regularly. Also, as High Priest I would like to work on instituting regular public ritual in order to bring the people into a community mindset.”

Year 1, Month 1

Quarion: “Roads? What do the people need ROADS for? They never GO anywhere.”

Year 1, Month 1

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Year 1, Month 1

Athos surveyed the motley crew, noted the thoughts of Wulfron and Wulfric, and thought to address first Quarion’s quirky remark. “Oh they do, they do. The least of roads draw all manner of wayfarers, and the greatest of them, draw commerce. To link ourselves to any allies, and to ward off any foes, the Dawn Way must be ours to salvage. I suppose roads are for nothing – if you plan to trod everywhere but on them. But roads we need.”

He turned to to address the whole company. “Drellin’s Ferry will make a fine mark for our beginning. I would recommend to this company that we renew it to its glory, and amend it. I say to you all, let us make at the site of this Ferry the beginnings of a grand city – a mere outpost of empire could fall fast, and we may do our cause great justice if we commence in building one vast city as a bastion of Westvale. Perhaps in time we may yet restore the Bridge, and have this City be as much upon one bank as upon the other, extending outright from it and far and wide as to protect ourselves from enemies, but for now, I say let us temper our need with the management of our purse: let us not spend too hastily, nor remain indecisive in spending our coin at all.”

“Having not the wisdom to say less or more, I second what has been said by Wulfron and Wulfric regarding taxes and the use of festivals for our people. Time will tell what adjustments ought be made.”

Year 1, Month 1

So we’ve yet to hear from half of parliament, but it sounds like we’re leaning towards starting in 11.09, rebuilding Drellin’s Ferry, with light taxes and 6 festivals/year. I’ll input 6 festivals/year, since the Councilor has spoken, and that’s his purview. I’ll wait until the Treasurer speaks to input tax level. Wulfric mentioned something about Promotion edicts – note that you cannot issue these edicts without a Grand Diplomat. Maybe you want to start looking for someone to hire?

_And another quick reminder that any secret notes you want to pass to the GM can be done by sending me a private message. _

Year 1, Month 1

A representative from the engineers steps before the council. “Lords and Ladies, I thought you’d like to know that our preparations are complete, and the construction of a new ferry system and brewery are under way.”

“Brewery?” you ask. “Um, yes, milords,” he says, “it was commissioned by General Athos.” He points to Athos.

So, the stats of Westvale and Drellin’s Ferry have been updated to reflect your improvements. Give them a look. Please note that the city map of Drellin’s Ferry is on an abstract grid that is not necessarily to scale. You don’t actually have a single brewery sitting in an empty field – you’ve got a scattering of residences along with a city block that is primarily devoted to brewers. For reference, here is what you’ve accomplished this month:

  • Claimed hex 11.09 for Westvale (cost 1 BP)
  • Set Taxation at Light
  • Set Festivals at 6/year
  • Repaired the road and rebuilt the ferry in 11.09 (cost 2 BP)
  • Removed the rubble and prepared Drellin’s Ferry for rebuilding (cost 1 BP)
  • Built a brewery in Drellin’s Ferry (cost 6 BP)

Total expenditure this month: 10 BP

I’ll let you do some more roleplaying for this month before we move on to the next (if you would like to object to any of the decisions made this month, now is the time to do so).

Year 1, Month 1

“Thank you, sir, for your announcement!” is heard at the council. The voice belongs to Athos. “That our first building is a brewery is a sign and a symbol that this city is reborn, for in the brewing and distilling of grain and vine, mirth shall abound. I motion before this council that as I have done in the beginning, let us follow through at the next, with the building of many taverns.”

“Just as well, it may be said: what has the General to do with the building of breweries and taverns? Let them cross words with me who may, but men of arms will have need of both in due time, as a respite from the duties of war. And for this and the cause of supporting our citizenry-to-be, I also advocate for a Mill and Granary, as well as a Smith and Tannery, so that we may begin our new economy by honest men accomplishing honest work – they have the reward of our brewery now to take the edge off their daily toil.”

“Let us least of all open up new fronts for all the Trades: that bakers, butchers, candle and rope makers, coopers and others may begin their work for the benefit of all. In these, we will begin a sense of normalcy that is necessary for town life, and set the stage for providing strength in resources during time of war.”

“I would advocate for more, but the time has not come yet to reveal those plans, for we must begin at the root and grow out from there.”

Year 1, Month 1

Your efforts at rebuilding the economy in Drellin’s Ferry are beginning to pay off – you realize a 4 BP profit for your first month.

Year 1, Month 1
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