Rebuilding the Elsir Vale

Year 1, Month 2

This month you have your first Upkeep Phase, which means checking your Stability and Consumption.

Westvale is pretty stable at this point, and your treasury grows by 1 BP due to surplus. However, you must pay the ongoing costs of Consumption (4 BP), so you start this month with a net loss of 3 BP.

Now, on to the Improvement Phase, just like last month. You may establish any or all of the following:
  • 1 new city – costs 1+ BP
  • 1 new building – costs 4+ BP
  • 1 new hex – costs 1 BP
  • 1 new farmland – costs 2+ BP
  • 1 new road – costs 1+ BP

What would you like to do? I know there was at least one person who expressed interest in building a “Mill and Granary, as well as a Smith and Tannery”.


piraticaltaoism piraticaltaoism

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