Rebuilding the Elsir Vale

Year 1, Month 2

This month you have your first Upkeep Phase, which means checking your Stability and Consumption.

Westvale is pretty stable at this point, and your treasury grows by 1 BP due to surplus. However, you must pay the ongoing costs of Consumption (4 BP), so you start this month with a net loss of 3 BP.

Now, on to the Improvement Phase, just like last month. You may establish any or all of the following:
  • 1 new city – costs 1+ BP
  • 1 new building – costs 4+ BP
  • 1 new hex – costs 1 BP
  • 1 new farmland – costs 2+ BP
  • 1 new road – costs 1+ BP

What would you like to do? I know there was at least one person who expressed interest in building a “Mill and Granary, as well as a Smith and Tannery”.

Year 1, Month 1

Year 1, Month 1

First month of Spring

The founding of the Barony of Westvale starts with the “Improvement Phase”.

  • Step 1 – Select Leadership
    If you are satisfied with the current organization of who holds which position, skip this step. If you want to change roles, now is the time.
  • Step 2 – Claim Hexes
    Decide which hex you want to be the first claimed hex of your kingdom. The GM humbly suggests hex 11.09, the site of Drellin’s Ferry. See the map page for the current map of the Vale. Note that a hex must be fully explored and cleared of potential hazards before you claim it as part of your kingdom – this won’t be a problem with 11.09, but it’s something to consider for the future. Also note that claiming a hex costs 1 Build Point (or 1 BP). Thanks to your starting resources (including cash, materials, and human(oid) resources) you’re starting with a treasury of 50 BP. To see the current status of your treasury, check your kingdom’s stat block.
  • Step 3 – Establish and Improve Cities
    You may start a city and build a building there. See the list of buildings for more info.
  • Step 4 – Build Roads
    You may build a road through your hex if you wish. This costs 1 BP in plains, 2 BP in forests, and 4 BP in mountains or swamps. Building over a river doubles this cost. The map shows many hexes as containing roads already. This is the Dawn Way, and old dwarven road. Much of it is still intact, but some sections may need to be repaired before they grant benefits. In the case of hex 11.09, the road itself is intact, but rebuilding the bridge at Drellin’s Ferry will be very costly, since it was actually destroyed over 100 years ago, so you will still pay full price for that improvement.
  • Step 5 – Establish Farmlands
    You can designate a hex that contains a road as farmland – this costs 2 BP for grassland or 4 BP for hills, and decreases your monthly Consumption by 2 BP. However, you can’t build cities in farmlands, so I suggest skipping this for the first month.
  • Step 6 – Pick Edicts
    You need to set the levels for three types of edict: Promotion, Taxation, and Festivals per Year.
    • Promotion edict can be set at None, Token, Standard, Aggressive, or Expansionist, and gives a bonus to Stability ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for an increase in monthly Consumption. Note – you are currently without a Grand Diplomat, so your Promotion level is stuck at None.
    • Taxation edict can be set at None, Light, Normal, Heavy, or Overwhelming, and provides a bonus to Economy ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for a penalty to Loyalty.
    • Festival edict can be set at None, 1, 6, 12, or 24, and gives a bonus to Loyalty ranging from -1 to +4 in exchange for an increase in monthly Consumption. Note that even though Festivals are measured per year, your citizens still expect, look forward to, and prepare for them year round, so they affect your statistics on a monthly basis. It might be more accurately described as the “Festivals Promised per Year” edict.

Once you’ve finished making decisions on this phase, we’ll move on to the next.


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