Red Hand Horde

Red Hand banner

The Red Hand Horde was an army of thousands of hobgoblins and goblins, allied with many giants, dragons, and other monsters. The Red Hand was led by High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul, a half-dragon hobgoblin who was a powerful priest of the evil dragon goddess Tiamat. Azarr Kul was able to enlist several powerful dragons to assist the Red Hand, which greatly contributed to the horde’s success.

The horde attacks Brindol The Red Hand Horde razed all the towns east of Brindol within Elsir Vale, and did significant damage to Brindol itself when it laid siege to the city. Thanks in large part to our heroes, the Battle of Brindol was the turning point in the war against the Red Hand Horde. It was then that Wyrmlord Hravek Kharn, field commander of the horde’s forces, and the red dragon Abithriax were slain by the heroes, disrupting and halting the Red Hand’s eastward progress through the vale.

Now, the Red Hand Horde is defeated and scattered. Most of the horde’s members were slain or driven back to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, but there may still be survivors in Elsir Vale, forming small bands and attempting to rebuild their tribes.

Red Hand Horde

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